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The TrapMine is used for making traps. It is most often placed near base doors, spawns, or near vehicles.

It detonates near the target instead of right under the target.

It can take damage, and detonates after taking enough damage.

It's maximum damage is 101 (Instatekill)

Tips and Tactics Edit

  1. Place trapmines in places where there is high enemy activity.
  2. In close quarters, mine entrances, in long, mine buildings.
  3. It's best to place two mines down in certain places, while the other one is used for emergency purposes. Place down two if there is extremely high enemy activity at one certain location.
  4. If you have a single shot weapon. place a mine down when running and once it explodes, kill the enemy.
  5. Gravity Gun is the only known weapon that can avoid mines, as it flys over it, triggers it, but passes over it when it explodes.

Known bugs Edit

It can be placed on a JetShip and then destroy the JetShip to create a flying TrapMine that cannot be destroyed.

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