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Tomahawk Edit

The Tomahawk is a 15000 cash new melee styled weapon added on February 23, 2015. You get two Tomahawks (used to be three, but was decreased due to damage per hit), and you press V (by default) to throw it, similar to other Additional Items. The Tomahawk is a one shot one kill weapon, and has a deadly medium range. However, if you miss, then you won't get the damage. This weapon replaces mines and grenades in battle if you want to equip it, so you can't have it with other additional weapons.

Tips and Tactics Edit

  1. Use a sniper scope if you want to get a good kill. First zoom in on your target, aim your scope, and throw it!
  2. Toma works best with a gravity gun. First charge your gravity gun, zoom in and aim, and press v. The tomahawk will be launched and you'll be at a safe distance!
  3. PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! Only can you practice to get better!
  4. Predict your enemies movement.
  5. Don't use the Tomahawk at a long range.
  6. Use the Tomahawk when dealing with any enemy running at a straight direction at you. It's best to do this when you have low health and when the other player has a fully auotmatic weapon.
  7. Use your Tomahawks wisely! You only have three until you die! Never throw them at fast moving targets or a target that you are not sure of hitting.
  8. If you can, you can use ricochet to kill your enemy. Bounce it off a wall and try to predict where it will hit.