The Road is the largest map in Warmerise, and features many jeeps, armory spots, and respawn bases. The map also includes two jetships, one for each team. This maps takes place in a rocky mountanous area, with a large winding road that weaves across the multiple short-mountain ranges. There are several bridges and tunnels that support this road to get to lower to higher ground. The Road is also a ghost town, as it features buildings beyond repair, abandoned motels and gas stops, and abandoned camping sights. The blue team spawns in a one story motel and several trailor locations throughout the road, and the red team spawns in a destroyed building and several trailor locations. The Road also holds many secrets, such as hidden memes in mountains and unique accesible areas. The Road is by far the most detailed map in Warmerise, and is often dominated by snipers and Gravity Guns.The Road is currently the only map to feature both jets and cars and is the only map to feature 2 jets amking dogfights possible.

The to get across the road is through mountain jumping, which requires much energy but allows you get to to places in a quick amount of time. But the best method is actually through the jeep, as there are many set ramps to jump across roads and elevate yourself to higher ground.

Tips and Tactics Edit

  1. Never shoot when you don't see an enemy. Since the map is so large, radar is precious to your enemy, and will follow your blip that you leave.
  2. To destory jets, hide out in a trailer, as jets can't hurt you but you can hurt them. The windows of the trailors are invincible to anything that goes into the trailer, but not out.
  3. The Red team spawns around the large central "lake" in the center of the map. They spawn in a small batch of trailers and near the lighthouse and are all right on the road. The blue team spawns at the motel, a trailer with a jet two hills above the red batch of trailers, and at a borken arcade at the far end of the map near the jet spawn for the blue. The red jet spawn is to the left mountain of the red batch of trailers spawnpoint if you are facing the lake.
  4. Never climb on the tips of the hills, as you are easy to be spotted. Instead, climb along the sides.