Mighty ShapesEdit

Original Author: Gskillz

Original Publisher: Gskillz

Mighty Shapes
Might shapes
Some attributes
First Developer: Max A.V. NSdesigneGames
Second Development Stage:General Availability (GA)
Third Release Date: Unknown
Other attributes
Fourth Players: Unknown
Fifth Platforms: PC/Mac, Android

"Mighty Sapes" is a 2 dimensional game developed by NSdesigneGames. The game comprises of four uniquely shaped shapes in which the goal is to get the biggest highscore possible. The game is available on Android and on the Web, though the IOS version is still pending, the Android version is available ongoogle play.

Our four charactersEdit

Yellow - He’s really awkward, so he joined the group to see if he could learn something from Red.

Green - He was once a great cop, but them donuts eventually get to you man... He joined the group to get some exercise and be fit again!

Red - He’s the cool cat that started this adventure. Where is he going? No one knows, but he’s always surrounded by people due to his friendly personality.
Mighty shapes app

Mighty Shapes app for Android

Blue - He was sad all the time, but one day he met Red and the two started hanging out. He started going out more often, making new friends and enjoying life again!