A game of Team Deathmatch on the map Bunker

Team Death Match (TDM) Edit

Team Deathmatch is a team based game mode in which your team must try to get as many kills as possible, or reach a limit (no limits in Warmerise according to 12/29/13) to win the game.

In DepthEdit

In Team Deathmatch, Red team has a spawn area. Red team has one on a side of the map, and Blue has one on the opposite side of the map. The players from both teams fight head on, or inside the other teams base/spawn area to try to get as many kills as possible within the time limit to win the game. The time limit in Warmerise is 10:00, or 10 minutes. Rumors say that some rooms will have different time limits, such as 20:00 and 30:00 minutes.

Tips and Tactics Edit

  • Camping is a useful way to get many kills but you have to watch your back. The most known map for camping is Base,its a map for snipers.
  • Rushing is a good way its fast and easy and you if you have some Coins you can immediatly teleport to other base and since people just spawned that would be easy for you to kill thems.
  • Gravity Gun & Tomahawk this is an OP weapons set,use Gravity Gun and Press V you got a kill .

Nuke Team Death Match (NTDM) Edit

Nuke TDM was a gamemode added in the 2.1.7 Update. In this gameplay, players have to make their way to the armory spots in the game within 30 seconds. If you get killed within those thirty seconds, it takes 30 seconds for you to respawn. If you don't make it into an armory spot, it also takes you 30 seconds to respawn. As a result, everyone wants to stay alive, making it one of the deadliest ways to play.

Tips and Tactics Edit

  1. Mine the armory spots and rush out. You can get several kills like that and clear out the armory.
  2. Remember, the shield at the armory is invincible, so try to get in there first and kill other outside, as they can not hurt you.
  3. Run in at the last second. This method is risky,but sometimes very effective, as the enemy can not react in time before the explosion.
  4. And here is a bug/glitch that is useful in maps with Vehicles such The Road,Base etc... Just get in a Vehicle(Use Car,Jet is not perfectly tested) Stay in the vehicle until Explosion and after you will survive.