T-Pile is a map for advance players, that features floating rock structures and gaps in between. There are two pillars at the opposite ends of the floating rock "chain". These pillars are the spawnpoints of the red and blue team. The red team just spawns on a platform, while the blue team acatually spawns in a two story complex inside the pillars.

Beware of the gaps! The gaps lead to a bottomless end, where you die. This map is very hard for first time players, and you can die through the gaps easily. The map is best for players who are armed with a purchased automatic weapon and a gravity gun.

There is a jet here, though, and those who man the jet can tend to control the game. Sadly, it's placed near the blue team's base, so red team has a lower chance of getting it.

Tips and TacticsEdit

  1. Play this map AFTER you get the gravity gun.
  2. If you are on the blue team, you can actually hide behind the red team pillar and spawnkill there.
  3. Snipers are a good option due to the layout of th map.On the top of the pillars you can see the whole map and snipe the enemies with ease.

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