The Road is by far the largest map in Warmerise. Now how do you be succesful in it?

TheRoad: Conquering Red Edit

In order to take over the road, you have to know that success comes in the jet. This may sound bad, but whoever has the jet, dominates the map. With that being said, the jet should be your team's first priority. The rest of the team should protect and defend the jet.

The team should be split into three groups: A ground team, a sniper team and an assisting team. The ground team spawnkills the red team and most importantly, takes out jets so they can respawn and be aquired by the assisting team or protect themselves. The assisting team is consisted of a guard or two who protects the pilot. The assisting team's goal is to take over the jet at the enemy spawnpoint. They will stay at the enemy spawnpoint until a jet respawns.

There are two areas that the ground team should guard, as shown below. These two locations are strategic, as they are in visisble range of eachother. The members of the ground team should be armed with automatic weapons to make spawnkilling easier. It is prefered that they hide in the campers, as the windows are bulletproof from the outside. The ground team should mine the entrance of the campers for protection. It is prefered that the members of the ground team have a blast gun or a G36