SkyGates was one of the earlier maps in Warmerise. The map consists of two rooms for red team connected by a large concrete walkway with "shield walls", while blue team's base is is a cave. The map includes many metal and narrow walkways connecting to many places. However, most of the fighting occurs along the red team concrete walkway. It was removed along with the jetpack because its design left it rather dependent on the hovering capabilities the jetpack offered. The map offered fun and somewhat faster combat. The old Rocket Launcher was the best possible weapon to use on this map, due to the fact you could fly up into the air and get your enemies from above. The map supported a cliff face type of style, with some railing type of platforms to support a lower level. The map was relatively small, and it wasnt hard to find people on any level of the map. The only downside were people sitting up in the air too long, and shooting you from above, but back then, that was just a part of the gameplay. Now, this map supports the Gravity Gun.