Sky Rush Games was a map created by Alpha117, who is also known as ashgulch on the Forums. This map is yet anoter Grid style of map from Alpha117, but it doesn't make it any worse! The map supports two main islands. One side for the Blue team, One side for the Red team. Each island has one Armory, which is now Obsolete since the new Loadout Update. There is one Platform in the Middle between the islands that players can Sprint jump onto to get closer to the other team. It proves difficult to get over to the other side though, make sure you have good accuracy, and parkour skills! To add on to the Sci-fi theme, Alpha117 added moving and rotating Green Grid Textured cubes to move about the sky, and a smokey layer of clouds right beneath the islands to give it a Virtual feel of a map. Great Map to practice Sniping, and having fun with some of your buddies.