Shield Edit

The Shield was brought back to Warmerise on Update 2.2.1 along with Nanocompressors upgrade. It is only usable for the amount of time that you have purchased the upgrade, so it can not be bought permanently. The shield will replace the knife in game if you select the option in the weapons selection screen, and essentially makes you invincible to bullets from the front. This is good for intense battles, as you can run across the map without getting hurt. It is the only purely defensive weapon in Warmerise.

Tips and Tactics Edit

  1. When you have a shield out, drop a mine and run. As a result, you won't get hurt by the enemies bullets when you run and they will blindly run into the mine.
  2. Use the shield when facing your enemy, then try to get behind their back where you can fire at them.
  3. Sprinting lowers the shield from it's usual position to one that doesn't do much to block incoming fire. If you are taking a lot of fire or need to safely cross an area without being shot, walk normally to maximize the amount of you that's protected.
  4. Other players can shoot your feet through the shield, so never assume you're invincible.
  5. Stay away from players with grenades or RPGs, for they can still damage you if the wall/floor/roof around you is shot.