Warmerise map nicknamed "SecretLab'

Secret Lab is a compact map is is often the deadliest. Red team spawns on a two story complex inside the map, while blue team spawns at the opposite end with nothing but a fence along their walkway. The red team base consists of tunnel's connecting the two decks and the underground tunnel, a vent leading to a sniper's hideout, and a balcony, one of the deadliest and most strategic places for the red team.

Since blue team pretty much has nothing, the blueteam is often spawnkilled by reds. However, things can go the opposite way, with blue attacking the reds who like to defend their base. In the end, one team usually dominates another for a whole round and can switch back and forth.

Tips and TacticsEdit

Check out the Success in SecretLab page to learn more .

Known glitchesEdit

  1. Although not current, players can hide above the vents by pressing "c" repeatedly and running into the vents. This was a notorious glitch, as players above the vents could have a whole view of the map and kill, while other players can't kill them.
  2. To glitch outside the map while in spectator, go inside the red team tunnel, press shift, and turn right, leaning against the wall.