Old STG-12 model.

STG-12 Edit

The STG-12 is the only shotgun in Warmerise, and has a deadly damage if you use it correctly. The damage shown on the STG-12 does not mean that is the damage that the gun will give to your target at all times, but shows the damage given to each shot in the shotgun shell. The shotgun shell contains six shots, so you can do six times the damage shown in the armory if you shoot the gun once (all shots must hit target). With that being said, the STG-12 is lethal at close range, but poor at long range. You will often find this gun at base or at other close combat maps. The STG-12 was updated and replaced with a new model in the 2.2.3 update, along with a new livery and look. It is the most common guns used by unregistered players.

Tips and Tactics Edit

  1. Only shoot this gun at close range, the closer the better, as you can deal up to 101 damage per shot if all shots in the shell hit your enemy.
  2. In close combat, it's okay to get your sight off a little, as shots will still hurt the enemy.
  3. Always aim for unaware enemies at very close range. It might be hard, but if you make no noise you should be fine.
  4. If a player has an autmatic weapon at close range, try to get behind him and fire as fast as you can.


STG-12 Armory Menu Icon
Attribute Value
Cost 0 XP
Fire rate 1.54/sec
Recoil 100%
Bullet spread 400%
Player speed multiplier 91%
Aiming field of view 45°
Invisible to radar No


Area Value Rate (dps)
Head 20 (per shot) 155.38
Torso 17 (per shot) 112.31
Limbs 11 (per shot) 80

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