Max, the game developer, playing as Rambo in the Rambo Gamemode

Rambo is a old Game mode that first appeared in Version 1.9.1. It involved a Player randomly chosen to use weapons the players would try to kill Rambo with only Swords. Note: Rambo was removed around Version 2.0.1.


Playing Rambo took place in a couple of maps; in the outside based maps, it was night. Bunker and Haunt were the main ones people played on. The Rambo player would use their selected weapons while the other players would use the "Sword", an old weapon that is no longer in the game to kill Rambo. The other players that are against Rambo would need to work together to kill rambo, such as staying close together to be able to stab Rambo as a team, draining Rambo's damage faster.

How to PlayEdit

- When players Join Fight, they automatically put in Blue Team
- After number of players reach minimum required (3) game is initialized
- After Initialization random player is picked to be Rambo
- Weapons: Blue Team have Swords Only while Rambo have default Set (primary + secondary). Explosives are disabled.
- Armory Points and Vehicles are disabled
- Players that kills Rambo get + 30 XP and becomes a new Rambo