Sniper Only is a map created by Kaasis. This map has a bad influence on Boosting your character due to the hidden platforms on the level, but the game can still be fun if nobody has made it over to the other side and has no tokens to get over again. The map has its flaws, also, it seems like it was taken from Sky Rush Games, the Design seems interestingly similar, but it is a custom map. The map details in two sides with an armory inside its spawn, a little container. Outside the containers, are little islands with wooden boxes to take cover behind while sniping your enemy. Overall, its a fun map, and gameplay is ok, you might like it if you like a little challenge when you spawn, but other than that, Its a really nice map. Its gameplay styles are always changing, creating fun and challenging situations.


Boosting is where a player uses multiple accounts or connections on one server to go to the spawn points and kill the other accounts/connections on the server to get XP. This is against the rules and can result in a small fee in the game, such as a reset in XP, or a ban for a uncertain period of time. On this map, players jump onto the containers, and they then sprint, double jump off the side without a wall facing its end, and in the middle of the wall somewhere, is a hidden platform that allows players to go behind the wall, where there is somewhat a staircase made out of two platforms. The players then go onto the container behind the wall, and run on the left or right side of the wall, depending on which side you are on. You then climb up the poorly made staircase to hop onto the other teams side. This causes an issue due to the Armorie's inside the spawn points. Once somebody is over there, its easy to get headshots on other players and get coins to teleport over to their Armory and get even more coins for a longer time. This is annoying to many players, and is against the games moral rules.

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