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The Mini-G is a re-styled version of the Heavy Machinegun from earlier versions of Warmerise. It has a high warm-up time, extremely fast rate of fire which can rip apart enemies. It eats through its ammo very quickly, and therefore is a high-risk, high-reward gun.

This gun is classified as a primary weapon, and was introduced with the 2.0.3 patch.

The Mini-G takes skill to use at its deadliest potential, that is, high killstreaks. The weapon is hard to handle, but with practice, you will become better.

Head 19
Torso 15
Limbs 13

Tips and Tactics (EliteTrooper)Edit

  1. Since it is a high recoil weapon, move your mouse down to maintain the balance.
  2. Keep on clicking on your mouse when there are no enemies, as this will keep the barrels spinning to remove the warmup.
  3. In close combat, once you shoot, don't stop. If you stop, the time it takes for your gun to warm up will be the time your enemy is killing you.
  4. Try to aim your sight when in close combat and only aim for the body.
  5. Use the Mini-G for Anti-Aircraft and Vehicle and in close quarters.
  6. The Mini-G is best for taking out massive groups of enemies, but not single, fast moving, enemies.
  7. Try to go for enemies who are running straight at you or away from you as you do not have to shift your line of fire too much.

Tips and Tactics (DeezyDaff-Fire Rate and Recoil: Mini-G)Edit

  1. As said many times, this gun theoretically is better to use in big battles that have 14+ players in the map
  2. I wouldn’t really recommend a Gravity Gun as a secondary, but hey, whatever floats your boat
  3. You will always be where the action supposed to be because you ARE the attraction
  4. Although you will be in the front most of the time, have a buddy or two with you, in the front lines, in front of you (carbine perferrable)
  5. Most importantly, WATCH OUT FOR SKILLED PLASMAS! They are your primary target

As a Mini-G user/tryers, you should find what kind of opponents should go down first. So I made a list for Mini-G users/tryers to know which to target first, from the most threatening to the least!

  1. Skilled Plasma Gun [#4 if it’s not a pro (still a dangerous gun)]
  2. Carbine
  3. Flamethrower
  4. Mini-G
  5. Shotgun
  6. Blast Gun
  7. G36
  8. Kriss Super V
  9. Sniper
  10. RPG (#4 if close enough)

General View-Point Edit

This is a great tool for taking down enemies quickly with practice. Short-bursts are brutal for targets and enemies. This weapon is very heavy and will effect your movement speed so accompany it with a revolver to switch to when no enemies are near.