The armory information of the LSMG3
Some attributes
First Head Damage 37
Second Torso Damage 33
Third Limb Damage 25
Other attributes

LSMG 3 Edit

The LSMG3, or Laser Semiautomatic Machine Gun 3, is a close to medium range primary weapon designed to deal large amounts of damage quickly and accurately. It fires with exactly the same mechanics as the Revolver, meaning it fires as fast as you can pull the trigger. The LSMG3 holds 11 rounds in each magazine, with an extra 44 rounds in the reserve. An entire magazine can take less than three seconds to fire if the user is quick enough on the trigger. The LSMG3 will take 4 torso shots to kill a target at full health, or three if they have taken a single point of damage prior, since 3 rounds at 33 damage is 99 total.

Tricks and Tips Edit

  • Use the LSMG3 at medium to short range. The high recoil means you could easily get outclassed at longer ranges, so keeping yourself in the thick of things will negate a lot of the recoil.
  • Fire as fast as possible. At 33 Torso Damage, this gun is even more potent than the Carbine, and fires faster than the G36 if you're good. By firing as many rounds as possible, you are dealing a large amount of damage very quickly.
  • Don't let your clicking mess with your aim! While having a high damage per second is important, it won't matter if you can't aim at your target.
  • Know when to ADS. At very close range, don't bother aiming as it will likely throw you off. Instead, just hipfire the LSMG3. At medium range, though, definitely don't be afraid to get better accuracy!