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Kriss Super V
The Kriss Super V is the starter SMG in Warmerise. It replaced the Machine Gun, which was Warmerise's original gun. In many ways, it is equal to its predecessor, although it features improved graphics and lighter, quicker performance. The Kriss features a somewhat high fire rate, and moderate recoil. It can be compared to the G36 and BlastGun in Warmerise, as it serves as a balance between those two weapons in terms of recoil and bullet damage.

Tactics Edit

  1. Use this gun for only close to medium range combat.
  2. If longer ranges are required, crouching will greatly reduce your recoil and make you a smaller target. Just remember not to stay still too long!
  3. Never run in the open in a sniper map, as snipers can get you but you can't get them.
  4. Always take out close range snipers, as the impact of the bullets will make their scope almost unusable. Plus, the sniper can rarely outperform a Kriss at close range.
  5. Always bring your mouse slightly down when shooting an enemy, as this can help balance the recoil.
  6. Never go full auto and empty out your mag. Always pay attention to your crosshair more than the enemy. If you see your crosshair not on your enemy, then don't fire. Even if you think it's not on your enemy, then don't fire.
  7. Predict the enemies next position.
  8. Jump around your opponent and spin to keep them in view, but keep your crosshair on your enemy.
  9. Steps 5 and 7 require practice! Practice is the best thing you can do to improve your skill!
Attribute Value
Cost 0 XP
Fire rate 9.1/sec
Magazine capacity 30
Reserve magazines 5
Recoil 100%
Bullet spread 75%
Player speed multiplier 100%
Aiming field of view 45°
Invisible to radar No


Area Value Rate (dps)
Head 22 200
Torso 19 172.73
Limbs 15 136.36

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