Humvee Edit

The Humvee is one of two vehicles in present day Warmerise.It is featured in 3 maps: "Base", "The Road" and "Snowy Canyon". The Humvee is an armored car, with a machines gun (M60) turret at the back, and is known for its high speeds and its skill to drive. The Humvee has 1000 armor, so it is not easy to destroy.It can take 3 players: a driver, a passenger who can shoot with his gun through the window, and a shooter who controls the M60 on the top with infinite ammo.

Tactics Edit

  • To drift on the Humvee, hold the brakes (space) and turn. This enables you to go through tight bends and circle in a central area for three to four times.
  • Yes, the Humvee can actually fly. To activate this glitch, go in the and of the car (F) as fast as you can, and you may make it fly.
  • To destroy a Humvee, first take he main gunner, as that is the Humvee's main defense. After that, snipe the passenger, to get rid of another potential threat. Then, wait for the Humvee to come to you. You can easier hop in and kill the driver, or take the gunner's seat and shoot at the Humvee to destory it. The second method is pretty much suicide, but you can earn more XP.