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RPG Edit

The RPG is an extremely destructive rocket launcher, it can kill opponents in 1 or 2 hits, has insane splash damage, and has 2 reserve rockets. It is an often seen secondary that supports the destructiveness of the primary. Despite the damage, it does take about four seconds to reload, so its best to reload when you are absolutely sure there are no enemies.

RPG Stats
Damage 61
Blast Radius 9

This weapon is classified as secondary, and was added with the Warmerise 2.0.7 patch.

Tips and Tactics Edit

  1. Shoot only when your enemy has already been damaged.
  2. Use only when you are in a compact map and there are enemies in groups.
  3. To take down large amounts of people, let your teamates damage then, and when they get killed, aim your RPG at the least damaged enemy, the blast should kill off the weaker ones.
  4. RPG could be used first, then you can take the enemy down with your primary at ease.
  5. RPG is a good partner with snipers and plasma, as it can take down the remaining health without having to aim.
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