Haunt is an official map, very similar to Snowy Canyon in style, but with a different, deser-like heme. Like Snowy Canyon, it has a large underground base, with rocks and caves scattered around the respawn points and bases. It's a medium-sized map good for 10-15 players.

The red base is a large underground bunker with a large circular opening.The bunker is pretty much a large room with two secret tunnels leading up to the surface.

The blue base is stationed in a building with multiple rooms and hallways. There is also a smaller building where the blue team spawns in, but other plyaers (no gravity gun) can not reach it.

Tips and Tactics Edit

  1. Use the canyons to your advantage, use them as places to hop around (if you have a gravity gun)
  2. For sniper or accurate riflemen, stay along the the top ridge that surrounds the map
  3. To raid the red base, spawnkill on the second deck.

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