The Gravity Gun is a weapon that was implemented into Warmerise in version 1.9.5, however, it was removed for reasons unknown. The Gravity Gun is one of the most helpful secondary in Warmerise, as its main purpose is to boost the player. This is done by charging the weapon. After charging, you release the trigger, and you essentially "fly" for a short distance to the location your gravity gun is pointing at. This is extremely good to get to places in an extremely short amount of time and navigating large maps. Its primary use is to get to places where other people can't, such as the tops of inaccessible buildings and cliffs. When Warmerise updated to version 2.1.7 the Gravity Gun was re-implemented into the game along with the all new G36.
Gravity gun

Gravity Gun in use

Tips and Tactics Edit

  1. Use the gravity gun to get to places in a short amount of time.
  2. Make sure to go to locations where other players can not reach.
  3. If you have mines, a clever tactic is to fly over your enemy and drop the mines when you are still in the air.
  4. If a jet is chasing after you, go through obstacles that the jet cannot reach.
  5. To accurately land on a place, pressing "S" will move you slightly backwards and "shift" to move you slightly forwards. This is good to avoid landing in gaps.
  6. Use the gravity gun to get through highly concentrated enemy locations, this will increase your chance of living and will give you a chance to surprise attack them rather than attack them from the front.