Flame Thrower Gameplay for Warmerise Wikia

Flame Thrower Gameplay for Warmerise Wikia

Flamethrower (Flame) Edit

The FlameThrower is a slightly different weapon as compared to other weapons. It is based on the concept of FlameThrowers used in World War 1-2. The FlameThrower produces flames and burns down the enemy. This weapon is very expensive yet effective.

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit

The FlameThrower damages the enemy continuously and also displaces the aim of the enemy from it's original position due to the heavy flames emitted on the enemy. It has a very high fire rate but rather less damage. A person has to get closer to the enemy since the Flame Thrower does not have a really good range. In a nut shell, it should be used to massacre the enemy team at a particular place since it's quick when you are close to your enemy. However, after the flame got nerfed, it became much harder to use and requires more skill.

Tips and Tactics Edit

  1. Use the FlameThrower mostly in close combat.
  2. Always aim from the back and try to get around your enemies back when you're spraying them. This will confuse them and they will start firing randomly. Also, you won't get hit if they're not facing you.
  3. NEVER aim at groups of enemies with automatic weapons who are far away, as flame is a prioritized target. Instead, try to flank your enemy.
  4. Target snipers first, as they really can't kill you, then shotgun, then automatic weapons.
  5. Flame should be used as a support weapon in a clan, which means that you only heavily damage your enemies, not kill them.
  6. Flames works the best in vents or small tunnels.
  7. When you're about to die hide the flame from other players by bringing a knife out to not allow the enemy to pick it up.


The Flame Thrower costs 45000 cash.

Damage Edit

  • Head: 7
  • Torso: 7
  • Limbs: 7