Dustland Edit

Dustland is a new map, released on February 23, 2015. Dustland is a multi-platform, three story structure that uses ramps in the corners to travel to the top. The only ladder on the map is now invisible because of the transfer to WebGL.The roof is a glass dome that the player cannot pass through. Dustland is one of the smallest maps in Warmerise, but offers a lot of vertical space to play.

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Tips and Tactics Edit

  1. Most of the Red Team spawns at the bottom of the map, this is where the most action happens. However, those who fight in the red spawn area tend to be short lived. If close range hyper-action warfare is not your style, go to step three.
  2. There is a small room at the bottom of the map that is well hidden. This area is good for campers if that is your style for fighting.
  3. Carry a fully automatic weapon at all times, or a weapon with strong zoom, such as the G36.
  4. There is a little pill-shaped cylinder on the bottom floor. If you have a shield, you can take cover there and you won't be killed.
  5. Place mines near the pillar at the bottom level and run around the pillar. Enemies may chase you into those mines.
  6. Try to control the second floor, as you can easily pick off enemies from there.
  7. Go to the top of the central pillar to get a good view of most of the platforms, but beware, you might not last long up there.
  8. Radar is somewhat ineffective, since there are many platforms that overlap. However, it does give you a general picture of where enemies are, and is good for checking if your platform is safe.