Command Center is a map made by RickyNeuman. Its a medium sized map, that has very even map layout. Its differential Team Spawns make it seem even more origional, with the different ways to reach different parts of the map, the map is an easy 4+ Stars to rate. The Graphics are ok on it; its mainly just cubes with stretched out textures, but the layout is really good, and the theme matches Warmerise suprisingly well. This map supports a big tower building in the middle of the map, aswell as a lower level reachable through ramps found near the team's bases.  Armories are in the teams spawn area, but some areas are some what unfair. Blue teams spawn area is a little to open and is subject to Spawn killing at some points depending on who your playing against. Other than the little flaws that rarely happen, this map is great for competitive matches, clan wars, and higher skilled public matches. This map is worth joining if theres even 2 or 3 people due to the fact that its not overly huge, and not too small.