Bunker is an official map, centred indoors with the centre of the Bunker being the Blue base, and the cave outside the Bunker being the Red base, which adds an element of 'blue attacks, red defends' that is missing in most maps. Combat is fast and frenetic, with heavy, rapid-fire weapons being favoured over sniper rifles and plasma guns.

The map is ultra destructive, and is known for destorying KDR's and killstreaks. Bunker is usually dominated by campers and high-damage weapons.

Tips and TacticsEdit

  1. If you are on red team, carry a low recoil or a high zoom weapon and duck behind a small ledge that is behind the main entranceway. You can shoot enemies from there with protection.
  2. If you are on blue team and you are goign through the main entranceway, go side to side to get cover from the boxes.
  3. If you are on blue team, use the less common, back exit, to flank the enemy.
  4. Mines are essential for both teams, plant them near your spawnpoints
  5. Since their is a doorframe, you can hide behind it and shoot your enemies as the come out of the entrance.
  6. Always check the corners.
  7. Take cover inside the boxes.

Easter eggsEdit

Warmerise- Bunker Top Down view and Easter egg

Warmerise- Bunker Top Down view and Easter egg

Bunker has an inaccessible easter egg.Behind a closed door there is a room with a ladder which leads to another underground room .This may have been an accessible part of the map but due to the fact that there is only one entrance it could have beenw used for camping and game breaking and for this reasonthey might have made it immpossible to access.

It is possible to view this room by entering free flight mode and smashing to walls and corners until you go through them and then you will be able to roam free out of the map.