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Base is a very popular map for very large to medium games, it features many towers of different shapes and sizes, used as sniping positions, overlooking a large area with a tower in the middle, a popular battleground. This map is best played with 12-18 players. Base features two jeeps on each team, and often has three close buildings on each side of the teams, and two other buildings on the sides. Only three of these buildings are accessible by ladders, that is the main buildings on each side of each team's territory and a building located between the two team's territories.

The BattlefieldEdit

In base, you will often find snipers on accessible buildings or hiding in some of the structures that base offers. Jeeps armed with machine gunners are often found driving throughout the map, but ultimately fall into a small pond in the center of the map. Each person is usually armed with a sniper, since it is a medium ranged map. It is very common to have one team take over another team's side. Once this happens, many players switch to fully automatic weapons to fend them off. Beware of gravity gunner's too, since they have all access to every building and can fly through the map swiftly.

Easter eggsEdit

Base features a "mini easter egg". It is a pillar-like object found above the blue team's armory spot.It can only be found and seen by using the fly mode.